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Startup Enthusiast. Aspiring entrepreneur. Future venture capitalist. Blogger & Vlogger. Speaker. Moderator
Cédric Bollag (28) is an aspiring venture capitalist. Currently he is studying for his Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance at the prestigious University of St. Gallen. The motivation for starting came from a deep passion for Startups, Technology and Innovation. Cédric is frequently invited as a keynote speaker related to topics around Startups, Innovation and online presence.


Experienced, Innovative and Successful Public Speaker. Cédric has the art to deliver crux keeping things Crisp.


Patiently listening and observing things and being the key person to drive discussion in right direction Cédric is an Impeccable Moderator.


Keeping discussion impressively logical and interesting and imparting his innovative knowledge for topic Cédric is a values Panelist.


With a global perspective and in-depth knowledge of the industry, Cédric produces stellar content on his blog. As a long-time friend of his, I can also say speak highly of his genuine warmth, sophistication, and worldly perspective. As such, I highly recommend Cédric and his blog!

Moe Mernick, Head of BD at Hometalk

Cédric, I just saw your blog. I must say you, your topics and the guests are wonderful.

Vijay Kumar, India Head of Customer solutions & Engineering Orange Business Services

Much obliged to you Cédric for giving the world a great platform that brings innovation and power together. We need a revolution every generation and this startup generation will bring it through entrepreneurs and creative thinking.

Dror Hasman, growth manager at wearedevelopers

Cédric has quickly become the goto person for startups in Switzerland. His fast paced and highly motivated spirit are very energizing, and his insights have been invaluable in getting my social venture OneFuture off the ground.

Eyal Donath, Founder One Future

“ is a great initiative by Cédric, that not only gives you a great insight into the latest trends in startups, tech and innovation, but also allows you to find answers to all the burning questions you always wanted to ask.”

Michal Alinski, Executive Vice President, ETH Entrepreneur Club

At the core of all successful marketers and business people I know is consistency and passion. Cédric is kicking some serious butt with his work and it is extremely impressive how consistent and passionate he is about his work. If he keeps at it, a super bright future awaits him!

Hillel Fuld, CMO ZCast, Tech Blogger, Startup Advisor, Steak Lover

“Cédric continues to provide significant and meaningful content with his”The StartupShow” and the blog His thoughtful approach is unique and provides needed depth with impressive breadth as well.”

Herman Weiss, VP of Clinical Development and Medical Affairs at Juniper Pharmaceuticals

“Cédric Bollag is a creative spirit and genius of communication, reliable, well connected, easygoing and fun to work with”,

Rav Noam Hertig, Rabbi of the ICZ, Zürich

Your show looks great. The content is pretty exciting, and the production is really top notch! It’s really amazing how you took things from a WhatsApp group to a real show!

Benny Sabghir, Content Writer at Datacrushers

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Key Benefits of Working with Cédric Bollag

Learn the skills you'll need
to promote and run business


Cédric Bollag has expertise in the key factors of business- Finance, Economy, Accounting and Law.


Cédric has innovative way of thinking and presenting. He keeps the conversation flowing and the topics interesting.


There is a vast difference between thinking about an idea and materializing it.

Striking the Chord

Cédric gets to heart of a business startup and keeps his audience entertained and engaged in the topic.

Huge Following

Cédric has managed to catch the attention of many people. His audience wants to know all about technology, startups, finance, and every aspect of business.

Figures Speaks for Themselves

Cédric has interviewed and hosted 100 episodes of the StartupShow in its first season with many moreto follow.

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