Pebble Watch Review – Is this the future of “Wearable Device”?

Pebble Watch Review – Is this the future of “Wearable Device”?

Pebble Watch Review – Is this the future of “Wearable Device”?

Let’s start like this. Every new gadget that comes out to the market I get this feeling of I need to have it. If not for my wife, I would now have a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, together with the Galaxy Gear and some Google Glass. In reality, we’d probably would be broke by now.

Than we had a good friend of mine over who told me that he just got a Pebble Watch but for some personal issues can’t use it at the moment and he didn’t mind lending it for a couple of days.

Pebble is the first wearable device I have used and it’s a totally new field for me.

The design is slick and sporty and there is grey coloured display. The grey colouring is a bit 1999 but we can let it go because the watch is – let’s call it – a pioneer product that should generate a lot of dollars (according to Apple, 17.5 Billion Dollars) in the near future.

Connecting the watch to your phone is fairly easy, downloading an app, turn on Bluetooth and it’s connected. Where I had a bit more of troubles is installing apps on the Pebble. It was unclear to me how to download them until I realized you have to first download special Pebble Watch Apps and then install it through your phone and then onto the watch. A pre-installed App Store on the Watch with a Wi-Fi option might be a good solution.  For obvious reasons I couldn’t test all the possible apps in these short time. The music app was very useful since it serves as a remote control.

Now, here is my thing: Have you ever been out for dinner with some friends and they put their phone on the table and every time they got a notification the entire table vibrated? People have been telling me, this is so much more “polite” to “only” check your watch and not your phone. I DISAGREE! The vibration of the watch is so loud that everyone around can clearly hear it and then your glance to your watch and I believe this to be as rude as checking your actual phone.

It’s also very distracting while driving, because reaching out to your phone needs more courage and many quick looks on your watch are at least as dangerous.

“Wearable Device” is a fancy word and it creates a lot of expectations but the Pebble Watch doesn’t do it for me. There is the potential but still room to grow.

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