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About Cedric Bollag

Startup Enthusiast. Aspiring entrepreneur. Future venture capitalist. Blogger & Vlogger. Speaker. Moderator

A Glimpse into Cédric Bollag
Cedric Bollag is an internet sensation and the go-to guy for everything startup related. He is the blogger and founder of GlobalTechBox.com, the innovative channel that talks about Startups, technology and innovation. The StartupShow gives start-ups exposure to the public, presents interesting discussions with investors, shows how corporates are embracing innovation and keeps the audience up to date about what they need to know in the tech, startups and innovation space. Cédric’s experience with countless entrepreneurs and investors has given him the edge to understand startups from every angle. Cédric is passionate about his family, the latest gadgets, and out-of-the-box ideas. Cedric has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance at the Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzliya, Israel and is now working towards his Master’s degree at St. Gallen University, Switzerland in Finance and Accounting.

Cedric Bollag: ¬ Benefits of Our Speaker/Why Cedric Bollag?
Presenting Startups and Investors in the right light is crucial. Cédric has mastered the art of describing innovative and complex ideas in an extremely understandable way with a sense of humor, attractive slides, all while ensuring that the relevant and important facts and figures are mentioned. He has presented over 100 different ideas to his StartupShow audience, spoken at conferences and events, and has moderated several panel discussions. Cédric’s extensive knowledge and vast experience in the field make the perfect combination.

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