The modern way of “knocking on peoples’ doors” is using LinkedIn and then meeting some of the major players in the Finance Field. The idea was always to get some career guidance and to see what they have to say. One of the many ways of getting a job these days is by showing and proving the skills I have. To start a career in M&A, everyone has to first become a Financial Analyst. This requires modelling and analysing investments. This page is for that purpose. 

This is a model to calculate how long it takes to pay back your mortgage and loans towards parents. All the yellow parts are subject to be adjusted. The moment the sign turns from “red” to “green” the loan towards the lender is paid back. Enjoy!

EDIT: For a more advanced calculation with much more variables you can click here.

A Option Pricing Model using the Black & Scholes (Melton) Equation for the Calculation of European Put/Call options.

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